Lot 108

Picasso: Toros y toreros, text by Luis Miguel Dominguin and a study by Georges Boudaille. Paris, in the Circle of Art, 1961. Small folio in case, cardboard cloth decorated with ...

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Lot No 113

Duhamel, Georges: Pleasures and games. Engravings of Marianne Clouzot. Paris, Dominique Wapler publisher, 1946. In 4 °, sheets in shirt and case. 21 etchings by Marianne Clouzot ...

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Lot n ° 92

Ensemble 5 volumes in 12 ° with mailings: Duhamel, Georges: Scenes of the future life. Paris 1930. - Chicken, Georges: Nothing is Paris 1912. - Pouvillon, Emile: ...

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Lot n ° 96

Five well-connected sales catalogs: Mr. Georges Viau's collection, first and second sales, 1904. 2 vols.- Henri Rouart Collection, second sale, 1912.- Collection of the Vicomte de Curel, ...

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Lot n ° 98

[Physics] Bruhat, Georges: General Physics Course. Paris, Masson & Co., 1936-42. 5 volumes in 8 ° paperback. We join: Poggendorff, J.-C.: History of Physics, course done ...

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Lot n ° 99

Mauclair, Camille: Henri the Sidaner. Paris, Floury-Galleries Georges Petit, 1928. In 4 °, vintage binder half red sheepskin, preserved cover. Two original dry points, the frontispiece "Le Pavillon dans ...

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Lot n ° 61

[Dreyfus Affair] Clemenceau, Georges: Military Injustice. Paris, Stock, 1902. In 12 ° connected half red sorrow. First edition on plain paper, sending the author to A. Huc, director of the ...

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